Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Reflection of Time

I realized today that we only have 44 days of school left in the school year.  Many teachers, at this point in the year, count it down to encourage themselves and gear up for the summer months off.  I'd like to think of it in a slightly different way. Today, I'll think of 44 more days to do positive things in my instruction, rather than simply a "count down to summer."

I have 44 more days to work hard to instill in my students a love of reading -- to guide them toward becoming lifelong readers.

I have 44 more days to encourage them in their writing pieces -- to gain confidence with writing voice, adding details, revising, editing, and exploring different topics.

I have 44 more days to help them and encourage them in their school work.

I have 44 more days to add to their positive self image.

I have 44 more days to make connections with them, to share with them, to laugh with them.

I have 44 more days to work with them on different math strategies, help them add explanations to their math thinking, and challenge them to grow even more.

I have 44 days to teach them about what it truly means when I say that "Character is who you are when no one is watching." 

I have 44 more days to help them feel more confident in their study skills.

I have 44 more days to work hard, assess, grade, learn, be there for my students, and encourage them as best I can.

Only 44 more days.


  1. I like that you put a more positive spin on your countdown! Enjoy those 44 days!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the positive countdown. My countdowns are like yours too! 44 more days is a lot to do wonderful things with these kids.

  3. I love that your countdown is full of positive thoughts. I have no doubt you'll maximize all 44 of those school days!