Friday, March 21, 2014

Personal Reading Time

Things have been so busy lately, and some of my reading time has decreased.  

But I'm slowly building back time for my personal reading.  And it feels so nice.

Now that I've just begun spring break, I am so thrilled to have some of my reading time back.

I reflected today on why personal reading time was so important to me.  Here are some thoughts that crossed my mind:

*Reading relaxes my mind.  My breathing changes, and I can sense myself visibly relaxing.

*Reading helps me to take my mind off of other things -- school, housework, other concerns in my life.

*Reading helps me expand my knowledge of events in history, aspects of empathy, points of view, cultural differences, and more.

*Reading allows me to experience life through another character's eyes, expanding my imagination.

*Reading gives me perspective.

*Reading helps me to see the world in different ways.

*Reading enhances my mood.

*Reading helps to grow my vocabulary.

*Reading makes me feel more whole, more complete.

*Reading is a whole lot of fun.

There are many more reasons for taking time to read, but it is most of all life-changing.  Maybe this could be a good mini lesson to do upon returning from spring break.  Asking students to reflect on why personal reading time so important to them will help to refocus the home stretch of weeks left in our school year, and will help give structure and purpose in a very busy upcoming grading period.


  1. We just started Spring Break too. I started reading A Snicker if Magic and I am so in love with this book. Like you, I have not had time for my own reading. I'm determined to change that this week. I'm downloading some books onto my Kindle that are just fun books for me, not for my classroom. I am so looking forward to it.. Enjoy your break.

  2. I started Spring Break today, too. And I also feel as though i've lost time to read and I plan to make up for it. It truly feels as though something big has been missing from my life lately because I haven't been lost in a book. I have a stack of books and no concrete plans after Monday at 1. I am ecstatic.

  3. For all those reasons and more, your personal reading matters. I have a stack waiting for me for spring break.

  4. I am also excited to read during our break; it serves a double purpose for me -- it allows me to escape into other worlds and realities, and it also allows me time to relax and regroup.
    Enjoy each and every book you read!! I will think of you as I am reading also.