Saturday, March 22, 2014

Being in the Moment

Tonight, my friend Allison and I were texting a bit, and I loved something she said:

"Be in the moment and appreciate it all."

I love this quote for many reasons.  I attended a wedding tonight of a former student of mine.  I could tell that the wedding party and most of the guests were "in the moment" and "appreciating it all." They were smiling, laughing, enjoying one another's company, and appreciating God's blessings in their lives.

Being in the moment means taking care to notice the small things in our lives each day.  Here are some things that I noticed today:

*I noticed how nice it was to sleep in and get some much needed rest on my first day of spring break.

*I noticed how much joy I got in being able to read today for an extended period of time.

*I noticed today, sitting next to my husband at the wedding, how happy I was having him sit next to me.

*I noticed today that despite the cloudy and cool weather, it was so much nicer than our brutal winter weather, just a couple months ago.

*I noticed a few green patches of grass coming through the dormant layers in our backyard today.

*I noticed that my dog seemed happy to have us home; I know she can always tell when it's the weekend, and that she has more time with us.

I'm indeed happier being "in the moment," and I'm learning to appreciate what's in front of me.  It's just fine to look forward in the future, but it's so important to appreciate the here and now.

Thanks, my dear friend, Allison, for that sage advice today.


  1. One of my friends told me that she and her husband always challenge each other that no matter where they are to "be there." I thought it was so profound. It is especially profound in today's age of smart technology and multi-media multi-tasking. But it is really just a twist on the age old saying of, "Wherever you go, there you are" which I always read with more than a smidge of sarcasm thinking it was about the person dragging them self and all their baggage along no matter the geographical location. And that may be true. But then I realized that is could be about how we should be wherever we are.

  2. That is such good advice. Great quote. It's too bad we so often get caught up in the everyday chores and events. We ned to take time and smell the flowers!

  3. Our minds have a tendency to ponder about the past or race to the future, but once we are able to stay in the moment, it feels great. Time slows down. Thank you for the reminder.