Friday, March 14, 2014

It's That Important

I can't imagine not being a reader, or being a teacher who didn't promote the love of reading.
"I simply couldn't live without books." 
-5th Grade Student, sharing with me after class on March 12, 2014
"Reading is FUN."
-5th Grade student, who gave me this note last year. 

The above statements are what keep me passionate about what I do as a reading teacher.  They help to drive my instruction, and help me to keep to the task, every day, of purposefully guiding them toward becoming lifelong readers, readers who will continue to want to read long after they leave my classroom.

I once heard an adult say to me that he thought reading was a waste of time. 
I couldn't believe it.  It was one of the few times in my life that my jaw literally dropped in surprise.

On the other hand, most people I know enjoy reading.  And I am working to support my students in this journey to love reading, too.

I've been reading since I was a very young girl.  I read with my Mom and Dad.  I read books for fun.  I read books during the summer for the local summer reading program.  I took books with me when we traveled.  Books were still "cool" for me in high school and college.  I loved going to the library.  My books are the one of the only things I "collect," since I am an organization "freak," and don't like clutter or knick-knacks. But the books get to stay.

They are that important.

One of the many bookshelves in our house.

I want my students to see the importance in the classroom as well.  I work on growing my library each year, as well, because I never want them to say to me that they simply "can't find a book to read."  Giving students many choices provides them with the ability to explore many titles, and get to know a variety of genres.  It allows them time to browse, and sample books, just as we do in a book store or a library.  And, that IS fun.

It's that important.

A portion of my classroom library
Helping students learn to love reading is still the main goal in much of my instruction.  No matter how many assessments or tests I have to give them each year, I feel I will be doing my job if I still have the honor of my students sharing their love of reading back to me.  And, like the student in my class who uttered those words to me, I don't think I could live very well without books, either.

They're that important.


  1. Your library is so neat and organized! I agree - I could not live without books!

  2. I nodded throughout ever part of this post ... Like some spurts fans shouting at the TV, I want to celebrate in agreement with you ... I'm so glad that your students have a teacher like you that knows the true reward of reading is reading itself!!! Carry on my friend!!

  3. Books are great decor! I love your book shelves. Surrounding ourselves with books is how we share this love with those around us. I'm glad you are sharing your passion for books.

  4. Thanks for including the pictures. Helping children discover books they like is so important.

  5. I sliced about reading today too! Reading is my oxygen! I love sharing that love with my students.

  6. I love my books too. Can you believe that when we put our house up for sale, the realtor told me that I needed to take some books off. He said there were too many!

  7. Great looking classroom library! So organized and pristine.

    I truly believe books are interior design. That's why I'm pretty resistant (not completely) to ebooks. What will I decorate my home with if I go to an eReader?