Thursday, March 20, 2014

Trust is Everything

I love positive quotes.  I like being able to surround myself with sayings, quotes, and Bible verses that uplift me and help me throughout the day.

I saw this quote on a bulletin board down the hall from my classroom.  I took this picture about a year ago.  I believe the teacher was focusing on teaching about theme with her students, and they were creating bumper stickers about a common theme in a book they were reading.  As I was walking by, this one really caught my eye.  So, I snapped a picture of it.  I look at this photo often.  The more I think about this quote, the more I realize how true this statement is in all areas of our lives.

Trust is essential in friendships.  Without it, the friendship isn't real.
Trust is critical in marriage.  Without it, there is no foundation.
Trust is so important with our students.  They must trust us, and we need to be able to trust them.  It's the foundation for all we do with them throughout the year.
Trust in God gives us purpose, meaning, and hope.  It is the basis for our faith.
Whatever we do, believe in, or hope for in our lives, trust matters in all things.
Trust is everything.
Kids are smart indeed.


  1. This quote is right on, no matter what the situation. Without trust, we can't accomplish anything.

  2. This theme runs through my mind multiple times each day. It is so true... I love that trust and true share their first three letters. They are intertwined.

  3. Trust IS everything. It impacts our lives in so many ways. Beautifully said! :)