Monday, March 10, 2014

Things that Make me Smile

My Slice of Life tonight is very brief, but contains things that are deeply important to me.
Top Ten List of things that Make me Smile

1.   My faith in God
2.   My spouse, friends, and family
3.   My dog 
4.   My career
5.   Sunsets 
6.   Books
7.   The words "I love you"
8.   Being organized
9.   Music
10. Chocolate

Did I really list chocolate at number 10?


  1. Beautiful! I love the photo and your list is perfect! I feel like I can see into your heart - thank you for sharing.

  2. I'm drawn to clinking on a link for a list. It's a great genre. I think it would be a challenge to make a list like this. Books after sunsets?

    1. Meg, thank you for the comment. You're right -- books are a high priority! Maybe I'll switch the order of those two!

  3. You meant to delete the 0 in the one's place, right? Great photo!

    1. Yes, I guess some days, I definitely would make chocolate a higher priority than # 10!