Sunday, March 16, 2014

Three Main Themes

I've noticed lately that many of my blog posts have been about three main themes.

Love of reading
Being grateful

I wonder if I'm starting to sound redundant, and so I'm pondering whether I should branch out and write about something totally different.

But then I realized that so much of my life is about the three topics above, so why wouldn't those things be on my mind today?

Here are some thoughts about my reading life today:
I can't wait to share the letter I wrote last night on my blog with my students about the love of reading and about wanting to help shape their reading lives for the last few months of the school year.
I read several chapters in a historical fiction novel today, and I can't wait to read more.
I haven't read much in my nonfiction titles lately.  I look forward to catching up soon.
I pulled two magazines from my (growing) stack to read, and I look forward to reading them in the next few days.

Here are some thoughts on being grateful today:
I am grateful for my time at church today.  I loved the music and the ability to think about God and all He is doing in my life.  I was grateful for the sermon that our pastor gave today.
I am grateful for being able to see our friends' new house today!  We were one of the first to see the house and be a part of this transition period in their lives.
I'm grateful for having been able to spend time with my mom this weekend.  I love her so much.
I'm grateful for spring break coming up after this work week.
I got a lot done on my "to do" list around the house this weekend.  It makes me feel a bit more prepared going into the work week.

Here are some thoughts on friendship:
I'm thrilled for the friendships that are tried and true in my life.  I am so glad that there are those in my life who I know I can call upon at any time of day, and they will be there for me.  I am honored to be able to be there for them, and they for me. I try never to take my friends for granted.  Each day, I wake up happier knowing that I have friendships such as these in my life.  I am truly blessed.

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  1. Some people would say these are your life topics. Therefore it's more than okay to write about them over and over and over again. :)